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Ultrasonic Knowledge
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The principle of Ultrasonic Cleaner

1. What's Ultrasonic? 
      Generally speaking, ultrasonic refers to the sound wave with  frequency  larger  than 20 KHz  which is 
beyond the upper limit of human ear.Ultrasonic is characterized by strong beam property and being easy 
to collect energy through focusing. Ultrasonic is also an energy form, and  when  the  intensity exceeds a 
certain value, it can affect, change and damage the state, character and structure of matters  through its interaction with sound bearing medium (commonly called ultrasonic power). 
2. Ultrasonic Cleaner's Formation and Working Principle
A. Formation
   Ultrasonic cleaner mainly consists of ultrasonic generator,circuit controller,transducer and cleaning tank.
B. Working Principle
      Ultrasonic generator output oscillation power signal  of  ultrasonic  frequency  which  is then  through changed into mechanical oscillation with high frequency by transducer; next, the  oscillation is  introduced 
into cleaning liquid, causing the cleaning liquid to produce ultrasonic cavitation effect which can  generate 
tens of thousands of tiny bubbles which are formed at the negative pressure region and  fast closed in the positive pressure region;the closed bubbles form ten thousands of instant high pressure of small  pressures,
and the continuously generated instant high pressure is like a sequence of small  'explosion' to  impact  the clearances on the surface of object, causing various pollutant  sticking  to  the surface of object to flake off 
so as to realize the purpose of cleaning.