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Industrial Cleaner
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Operation Instruction


1. Before using it, you should check that whether the pressure of electrical source and 

    the pressure of machine are the same or not.

2. Inspecting that if the pressure of electrical source have earth device.

3. Putting the machine to the stable working place to make sure that working efficiency. 

4. Place the cleaning subject in the basket, and add small amount of detergent.

5. Connecting to the pressure of electrical source.

6. On the left of the panel, there is the key for timer setting, at first, when turn on the cleaning 

    ON-OFF switch the cleaning indication light will be on. 

7. When turn on the time knob switch, the Timer begins to count down and ultrasonic cleaner

    starts to clean. When the Time counts down to "00", the ultrasonic stops automatically.

8. When turn on the heating ON-OFF switch, the heating indication light will be on. 

9. When turn on the temperature knob switch, the cleaner will start to heating.  If you turn the 

    key of Temperature to "00", the unit will stop heating. 

10. After use, turn off the detergent as washing fluid to prevent the machine from damage.