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ⅠUsing ultrasonic cleaner's warning

1.Do not operate if the tank is empty. 

2.After use, turn off the power and unplug the power plug.

3.When add or change water or detergent, the power must be turned off and disconnected.

4.Prohibited using corrosive or inflammable solution as washing fluid to prevent from danger.

5.Water level should be 1/2 to 2/3 of the tank.

6.Please do not touch the machine during its operation.  

ⅡUsing Steam Cleaner's warning

1.Before use,make sure the cleaner's voltage is consistent with the power voltage. 

2. Do not operate if the tank is empty. 

3.Steam burner cap don't aim at person or animal.

4.When fill in the pot with water, first release the pressure in the pot, then turn off the power, 

   turn on the safety valve to fill with water.

5. Every time the added water volume up to half of steam volume,up to the best steam effect. 

6. In order to the use-life of machine, please keep the water clean in steam pot. 

7.The temperature of working environment is not more than 45.

8.Put in or change clean water,should be turn off the power.